This is not your cookie cutter apartment.  You won’t find four square walls and aboxed-in habitat. You won’t find linoleum floors and spackled ceilings. You will find a modern urban space that will delight you withits textures and individuality.

Originally built in the 1950s, the building has been gutted except for a few distinguishing characteristics, and repurposed into 12 unique living spaces. The architect made every effort to preserve  the clean lines and open feel of the original building:

  • Ledges overhanging the south side bring light into the living spaces while taking advantage of passive solar gain in the winter and passive protection from summer heat. This means less money spent on energy to maintain a comfortable temperature in each unit.
  • The classic 50’s style handrail system in the east and west stairwells have been modified to meet current safety codes, but still retain their elegant look.
  • Each unit has its own private outdoor space which is integrated into the living area through large, energy conserving windows.

The building’s special dimensions and 50s era details helped determine characteristics of the bold interiors.  The result is a combination of industrial chic and cozy radiance:

  • Concrete ceilings and utility pipes are left exposed in most areas for a striking urban complexion.
  • Kitchens are flanked by a breakfast bar that seems to float on sheets of frosted glass.
  • Your unit may have a small room that was formerly an elevator shaft. Or it could have an individual, landscaped patio.
  • Nearly every apartment has a back door providing a second semi-private entrance.

1180 Clermont St. Apartments have inherited the vitality and optimism of the 1950s.  All they’re missing is you.